Questionnaires - Phase II and/or IV

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aeq-adol.pdf26.76 KBAlcohol Expectancy Questionnaire - Adolescent Form
aeqadult.pdf28.27 KBAlcohol Expectancy Questionnaire - Adult Form
dots-r.pdf25.64 KBRevised Dimensions of Temperature Survey
family.pdf8.99 KBPerceived Social Support - Family
friends.pdf8.72 KBPerceived Social Support - Friends
hassles.pdf20.52 KBDaily Hassles, Health, and Mood: The Hassles and Uplifts Scale
import-a.pdf14.89 KBHow Important Are Each of These Things to You?
import-c.pdf12.07 KBHow Important Are These Things to How You Feel About Yourself as a Person?
selfpp-a.pdf43.8 KBHarter Self Perception Profile - Adolescent
selfpp-c.pdf38.39 KBHarter Self Perception Profile - Children
socsup-c.pdf31.72 KBHarter Social Support - Children
sssc.pdf11.24 KBSensation Seeing Scale - Children
teach-c.pdf14.79 KBTeacher's Rating Scale of the Student's Actual Behavior

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