Instructions for Downloading Blaise©


Users must obtain a Blaise© license from Westat© to download the dep.exe file.  Once this is done, please email Sue Winkeler at to obtain a password to download and save the file.

After downloading the Blaise© executable file named dep.exe, upzip the file to a folder of your choice.  NOTE: If all files are unzipped to the same directory along with the dep.exe file, the specification pathnames will be simplified.

To Test:

Click on dep.exe in your folder.  A window will open up.  You will be prompted to enter the name of the data model.  Paste or type the pathname for the test section chosen (e.g., tstDR.bdb) in the window.

On the first screen of the entry program, you will be prompted to enter the ID.

You may stop at this time during the data entry process and save the entered data.  You may go back and change any previously entered responses.  The program will enforce any changes to skip-out patterns associated with the changed responses.


Some age checks are missing.  This is intentional.  These were omitted at the suggestion of the Assessment Committee.

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