Contents of NEUROPSY (Summary Scores, Neuropsychological Tests

Variable Name Variable Label
KEY Subject's ID
PMT_AGE (highest yr passed)-(.5num mazes failed)
TRLA_SEC trails A, seconds
TRLA_ERR trails A, errors
TRLB_SEC trails B, seconds
TRLB_ERR trails B, errors
WRATRLEV wrat-r level
WRTRD_RW wrat-r reading (raw)
WRTRD_ST wrat-r reading (standard)
WRTSP_RW wrat-r spelling (raw)
WRTSP_ST wrat-r spelling (standard)
WRTAR_RW wrat-r arithmetic (raw)
WRTAR_ST wrat-r arithmetic (standard)
WSCIN_RW wisc-r information (raw)
WSCIN_SC wisc-r information (scaled)
WSCSM_RW wisc-r similarities (raw)
WSCSM_SC wisc-r similarities (scaled)
WSCVC_RW wisc-r vocabulary (raw)
WSCVC_SC wisc-r vocabulary (scaled)
WSCCM_RW wisc-r comprehension (raw)
WSCCM_SC wisc-r comprehension (scaled)
WSCDG_RW wisc-r digit span (raw)
WSCDG_SC wisc-r digit span (scaled)
WSCVQ_SC wisc-r verbal IQ (scaled)
WSCPC_RW wisc-r picture completion (raw)
WSCPC_SC wisc-r picture completion (scaled)
WSCBD_RW wisc-r block design (raw)
WSCBD_SC wisc-r block design (scaled)
WSCOA_RW wisc-r object assembly (raw)
WSCOA_SC wisc-r object assembly (scaled)
WSCCO_RW wisc-r coding (raw)
WSCCO_SC wisc-r coding (scaled)
WSCPQ_SC wisc-r performance IQ (scaled)
WSCIQ_SC wisc-r full scale IQ (scaled)
PMYR5_1 porteus maze year 5,trial 1
PMYR5_2 porteus maze year 5,trial 2
PMYR6_1 porteus maze year 6,trial 1
PMYR6_2 porteus maze year 6,trial 1
PMYR7_1 porteus maze year 7,trial 1
PMYR7_2 porteus maze year 7,trial 1
PMYR8_1 porteus maze year 8,trial 1
PMYR8_2 porteus maze year 8,trial 2
PMYR9_1 porteus maze year 9,trial 1
PMYR9_2 porteus maze year 9,trial 2
PMYR10_1 porteus maze year 10,trial 1
PMYR10_2 porteus maze year 10,trial 2
PMYR11_1 porteus maze year 11,trial 1
PMYR11_2 porteus maze year 11,trial 2
PMYR12_1 porteus maze year 12,trial 1
PMYR12_2 porteus maze year 12,trial 2
PMYR12_3 porteus maze year 12,trial 3
PMYR12_4 porteus maze year 12,trial 4
PMYR14_1 porteus maze year 14,trial 1
PMYR14_2 porteus maze year 14,trial 2
PMYR14_3 porteus maze year 14,trial 3
PMYR14_4 porteus maze year 14,trial 4
PMADLT_1 porteus maze adult, trial 1
PMADLT_2 porteus maze adult, trial 2
PMADLT_3 porteus maze adult, trial 3
PMADLT_4 porteus maze adult, trial 4
PMERRAG porteus maze-age 1st error
PMFMCERR porteus maze-fine motor control errors
PMHLPSSD porteus maze-highest level passed
PM_NFM porteus maze-number of failed mazes
WASIN_RW wais-r information (raw)
WASIN_SC wais-r information (scaled)
WASSM_RW wais-r similarities (raw)
WASSM_SC wais-r similarities (scaled)
WASVC_RW wais-r vocabulary (raw)
WASVC_SC wais-r vocabulary (scaled)
WASCM_RW wais-r comprehension (raw)
WASCM_SC wais-r comprehension (scaled)
WASDG_RW wais-r digit span (raw)
WASDG_SC wais-r digit span (scaled)
WASVQ_SC wais-r verbal IQ (scaled)
WASPC_RW wais-r picture completion (raw)
WASPC_SC wais-r picture completion (scaled)
WASBD_RW wais-r block design (raw)
WASBD_SC wais-r block design (scaled)
WASOA_RW wais-r object assembly (raw)
WASOA_SC wais-r object assembly (scaled)
WASDS_RW wais-r digit symbol (raw)
WASDS_SC wais-r digit symbol (scaled)
WASPQ_SC wais-r performance IQ (scaled)
WASIQ_SC wais-r full scale IQ (scaled)

WAIS-R administered to subjects aged 16-69, WISC-R to subjects aged 7-15

Porteus Maze coding: 1=Pass,2=Fail